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"You will meet Lyna. She will already know you. You will be transformed." 

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Lyna Matesi

My mission is to encourage, drive, and release myself and others to bridge the gaps between where we are and where we want to be.




Preparing leaders to thrive in disruptive environments.

Career-Corporate. I developed my leadership skills in the cellular telecommunications industry, where I was challenged to lead others in navigating significant, ongoing industry disruption. Over my 25-year corporate career, I served in change management, leadership development, and curriculum development roles at U.S. Cellular and business planning, project management, and communication technology roles at Motorola.


Career-Scale. I have extensive experience coordinating large-scale, high-profile programs and teams across Asia, Europe, and the United States. I designed and facilitated a wide variety of leadership and management programs for thousands of corporate, academic, nonprofit, and government leaders in top and middle management positions. At Motorola, I oversaw global message delivery to 70,000 employees at 345 locations around the world.


Career-Higher Education. As a professor, I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in management, leadership, and strategy and direct an MBA program. I played an instrumental role in launching three new degree programs in data science, data analytics, and business administration as well as helping secure a 4 million dollar program endowment. I also serve as an On-Call Facilitator for the Center for Creative Leadership.

Preparation. I earned a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, an M.A. in Whole Systems Design focused on change leadership and organizational development from Antioch University, and a B.A. in Leadership and Management from Judson University. In addition to being certified to administer many leadership and organization development assessment instruments, I hold a certificate in organizational systems renewal and am qualified to design and facilitate system-wide change within organizations and communities. 

Presence. I have presented at the International Leadership Association, the Association of Leadership Educators, the North American Management Society, and several teaching and learning conferences. I have published articles in the International Journal of Servant-Leadership, the Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, and the Journal of Leadership Educators. I have also served in several board leadership roles in organizations focused on social change, poverty, justice, and local food.

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